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Feed mill Sector

The Feed mill was built late 2004 to cater for the most important supply side item on the farm – feeds. Feeds account for about 65-70% of...

POULTRY (Egg Production Dept)

We presently have 11 Pens with total layer/grower birdsÔÇÖ capacity of about 100,000 birds. The pens are currently stocked in different stages of...

Brooder House

Brooder House 1 was built early 2005, while Brooder house 2 was built late 2011; both with combined capacity of 20,000 pullets in rearing. The...

Goatery Sector

This sector is being gradually developed in the last 5 years. Total herd population as at now is 67. Our ambition is to grow this capacity to 200...


Our Product Range

Poultry (Eggs)
Chicken Sales

About Us

The Company was incorporated in 1985 but was not activated until 2003. The vision was to establish in all facets of farming, especially in the area of Integrated Agro-Allied Farming Sector.

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Our Eggs

Our Eggs are produced in brown shells. 100% Organic feed from own feed mill and disease free chicks produce eggs under controlled environment which are healthy, nutritious, and delicious -  A perfect ingredient for a balanced diet.


We feed our poultry a wholesome diet that is regimented, consistent, and absolutely free of any antibiotics, hormones, or meat by-products of any kind


Goat meat is a potential substitute for beef or pork. It is a lean meat with very good nutritional qualities which appeals to the health-conscious consumer.

Our goats are grass fed and free to roam around outside, with shelters for protection from the wind and rain.


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International Egg Commission
Poultry Association of Nigeria
Farm Craft Eggs