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8 Tips to Increase Poor Hard Drive Speed After Installing Antivirus

8 Tips to Increase Poor Hard Drive Speed After Installing Antivirus

Some cores, for example, may sacrifice floating point performance in order to reduce area and cost. Others may add substantial vector throughput while sacrificing the ability to handle complex control flow. In the YouTube tests, throttling JavaScript timers aggressively extended the battery life by almost 36 minutes or about 13%. If your device is supported you will see a new power slider in the battery setting and new status in task manager. It looks like it can manage individual Microsoft Edge tabs so if you like using lots of tabs in Edge you should see a marked improvement. Microsoft are looking for Windows Insiders to give feedback on the new feature which you can do via the Feedback Hub. The new feature currently called “Power Throttling” manages background tasks making the run efficiently while reducing the about of power required.

Keep in mind, that many laptop manufacturers slow down the performance of the laptop if the power supply is not sufficient to fully power your laptop. So, I suggest to check if the "slow CPU speed" issue persists with a new power supply, before using ThrottleStop. In perfect conditions, Turbo Boost is never something you have to even think about. It’s something that just happens and keeps your PC running at maximum speed, without you having to do any overclocking of your own. I used to spend days tweaking my BIOS settings and running torture tests to make sure my CPU was running flawlessly and at maximum capacity. I have also tried set power plan to "balanced" or "ultimate performance". It’s entirely possible that CPU slowdown is caused by Microsoft’s thermal throttling approaches.

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You can check the list of supported CPUs for XTU here, but not every chip is listed — the 7700HQ itself, for example, isn’t. Here’s where I want to pivot and talk about my own experience with this trick. When new, it got roughly two hours of battery life in normal use. Video playback was a bit better, but the laptop has a GTX 1060 in it, and GPU-equipped machines always use more power.

Microsoft say their previous testing showed an 11% improvement in power consumption so it should make a difference to laptop and tablet battery life. The current Windows Insider Fast Ring build includes the new code and is currently supported on Intel 6th gen or later Core processors. They do say they are working on adding other processors over the next few months. Power Throttling, which is a temporary moniker for this feature, is currently accessible only to users running Windows 10 on Intel’s 6th generation and beyond processors. This means your latest desktop or laptop powered by 7th-gen Kaby Lake processors should be able to employ this capability.

  • This was off to me because being a techie of 20+ years, I know I checked throttling when I built the computer.
  • I ran it and it immediately told me that my computer was not ready for low latency audio performance because my CPU is being throttled.
  • Setting "Power Throttling" to "Auto" within the BIOS leaves total control of power throttling to the Operating System.
  • While the BIOS presents no user-selectable option for "Power Throttling", the BIOS is enforcing "Auto" for this setting.

The additional throughput and performance can increase the overall power draw, but the wall power increase is small compared to the potential performance upside. Traditional server CPUs, such as those found in Intel’s Xeon E5 systems, are built using general purpose cores optimized to provide good performance across a wide range of workloads. However, achieving highest performance across a wide range of workloads has associated costs. As a result, more specialized cores are also possible.

Other high-end laptops are also subject to thermal throttling and Apple MacBook Pro models were also experiencing performance issues until Apple released software to fix excessive throttling. Click the Change plan settings link for the High performance option.

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There is, however, one reason why low-power laptop users might want to avoid this kind of trick. The 9980HK in Marco’s laptop has a base clock of 2.4GHz and a boost clock of 5GHz. If you turn off Turbo Mode, your CPU will run at a maximum of 2.4GHz on all eight cores. An eight-core Intel Core i9 does pretty well at just 2.4GHz, and Marco reports being pretty satisfied with performance. The advantage of using Intel’s XTU was that I got more granularity to play with the actual Turbo Boost settings, though this utility isn’t supported on every Intel laptop. Some laptops may also offer UEFI options for adjusting Turbo Boost timing and parameters, though laptop UEFI is typically more locked-down than desktop parts.

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I used Intel’s XTU utility for this, but there are other ways to disable Turbo Boost, including programs like Throttlestop. This graph addresses temperature, power, and performance (we’ll get to battery life). As you can see, power consumption falls 62 percent, temperatures are lower, and overall performance takes a hefty whack. The trade-off is nearly linear in the case of xcodebuild, while Geekbench 5’s performance declines by less than the overall power reduction. Much research has been done on the dynamic power reduction with the use of DVFS techniques.